buy Genuine NCLEX RN Practice Test

NCLEX RN Practice Test

buy Genuine NCLEX RN Practice Test Buy nclex online An important step in the process of becoming a nurse, the National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) measures a candidate’s minimum competency required to provide safe and effective nursing care to their patients. It’s required for all candidates hoping to become licensed to practice nursing.

NCLEX RN Practice Test
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When Can I Register for the NCLEX-RN Exam?

buy Genuine NCLEX RN Practice Test In order to register for the test, you first need to receive an authorization to test. This is given by the Board of Nursing or other regulatory body where you wish to practice nursing. They will determine whether or not you meet their eligibility criteria to become a licensed nurse.

If you meet the criteria and are given the authorization to test, you can schedule your test at the nearest Pearson VUE testing center. You will have to pay an exam fee of $200 and you will have to choose a date and time within the test-taking window listed on your authorization to test letter.

Which Subjects Are Covered on the Exam?

There will be somewhere between 75 and 265 questions on the exam. To understand why there is such a large range, see the explanation of how the exam is scored below. No matter how many questions you answer, the percentage breakdown of questions by content area will be more or less as follows:

  • Management of Care: 17- 23% of questions
  • Safety and Infection Control: 9-15% of questions
  • Health Promotion and Maintenance: 6-12% of questions
  • Psychosocial Integrity: 6-12% of questions
  • Basic Care and Comfort: 6-12% of questions
  • Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies: 12-18% of questions
  • Reduction of Risk Potential: 9-15% of questions
  • Physiological Adaptation: 11-17% of questions

You will have up to six hours to complete the entire exam. That time includes two short breaks which you are free to skip if you want to. The actual time will depend on the number of questions you need to answer.

It’s important to note that you are not able to skip questions and return to them. You have to answer a question in order to move on to the next one. This means you need to use some of your study time to work on strategies for finding the best possible answer even when you aren’t really sure about the question.

How Is the NCLEX-RN Exam Scored?

buy Genuine NCLEX RN Practice Test The NCLEX-RN is scored using a rather unique system. Rather than receiving a point value that reflects either the number of correct answers or the average difficulty level of questions you answered, the score here will be measured in “logits.”

The logit is a unit of measurement that tells you the relative difference between your estimated ability level (based on your level of education, training, and experience) and your ability level (based on how you performed on the test). The board establishes a revised passing standard every three years. At the moment, you will need a logit of 0.00 or better.

This “logit” is being continuously adjusted based on each question you answer which is why there is such a wide range in the number of questions you’ll have to answer on the test. If you reach the minimum 75 questions and the computer program is able to determine with 95% accuracy that you have either passed or failed, the test will end there.

If it is not 95% certain of your results, you will continue to see questions until it is certain or until you reach the maximum of 265 questions. If you reach the maximum, it will do a final assessment to determine whether or not you have met the passing standard.

This might all sound a little complicated but, basically: the better you do, the fewer questions you have to answer. But even if you end up having to answer 265 questions, you might still pass the exam.

If you have met the passing standard, you will simply be informed that you passed the exam. You will only see a detailed report of how you performed on each section of the test if you failed.

How Much Should I Study for the Test?

You should spend at least a couple of weeks reviewing all the material as well as working on your ability to recall facts quickly. To do that, pick up the Mometrix Study Guide which provides a thorough breakdown of each content area, including all the important terms and concepts you will need to know.

To improve your ability to remember all that material, get a set of Mometrix Flashcards. Repetition is one of the best ways to memorize a lot of information. Unfortunately, repetition can get, well, repetitive. With flashcards, you can make repetitive learning more engaging and interesting by turning your review sessions into games or pop quizzes.

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Overview of the NCLEX RN (2020)

NCLEX RN Study Guide and Online Course

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NCLEX RN Study Guide
NCLEX RN Flashcards
NCLEX RN Online Course

NCLEX RN Study Guide NCLEX RN Flashcards

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NCLEX-RN Customer Success Stories

buy Genuine NCLEX RN Practice Test Our customers love the tutorial videos from Mometrix Academy that we have incorporated into our NCLEX-RN study guide. The NCLEX-RN study guide reviews below are examples of customer experiences.

This book reviews major points that you need to know for the NCLEX-RN. It gives brief, but descriptive overviews of disease processes and basic procedures which are commonly questioned on the exam, which definitely helps in the studying process. The book also contains practice tests that model NCLEX questions, which helps test your knowledge and identify where to improve. Using these practice questions made me familiar with the type of questions I would see on the exam, which will ultimately help. The online resources that are included with the book are useful as well, which contain more practice questions and test strategies for the exam. I recommend this book because it has helped me focus in on key areas that are covered on the exam and gave me practice for answering the questions.

NCLEX-RN – Henri

This book is definitely what I needed. I graduated nursing school 5 years ago so of course I have lost some important info out of my mind. I feel like this book is helping to bring some of that back as well as giving good detail to how the NCLEX is put together.

NCLEX-RN – Sarah

This product really showed me how to answer questions if unsure of the material. It broke down the scenario and made it much more understandable. It allowed me to review material in a broader aspect, to grasp material to make sense in order to succeed. I would recommend this study material for all taking the NCLEX.

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I love this book, I read it every day. Very simplified and easy to understand. I will definitely recommend to others especially to my co-workers who are graduating this year for their RN degree.


As a teacher, it is hard to find a book that can explain concepts simply to students. Really appreciate this one.

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I just got the book and I’m very impressed that it’s very concise yet full of great knowledge to learn and easy to remember. It’s a big help in preparing for NCLEX exam!

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Best ever NCLEX Guide!!!! This is a no-nonsense approach to what you need to know to pass NCLEX. The book is laid out like the requirements as stated by the NCSBN. The Q&A have awesome rationales. I can see myself purchasing additional products as I gain readiness for certifications. Thank you Mometrix for offering a great product, for an even greater value!

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I like that it’s broken down into sections and each section is short and straight to the point. Long paragraphs make it easy to lose focus so I like that it’s just the most important information included but still covers so many topics. I also really like that there are optional review video’s included. I think the videos will really benefit me as I learn by both visual and auditory methods. Listening to a video explanation is a really nice way to refresh the material, as well as help you better understand a topic you may have struggled with understanding simply from reading an explanation.

NCLEX-RN – Alexis

This book is definitely what I needed. I graduated nursing school 5 years ago so of course I have lost some important info out of my mind. I feel like this book is helping to bring some of that back as well as giving good detail to how the NCLEX is put together.

NCLEX-RN – Sarah

Very easy to read and follow, and well organized. I am a repeat test taker and waiting to retest, hopefully this material will finally allow me to pass. Test taking strategy is not one of my weakness and was looking for more quick content review. So far I am liking it!

NCLEX-RN – Christine

I like how the book is broken down into sections just like the NCLEX test plan. This will be my 3rd time taking the test and I have high hopes that this book will help me.

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I find your product the best in summarizing the main t